Adia Thermal: smarter home heating for plug and play heat pump installations.

Adia Thermal

Most homeowners don’t think about their boiler until it breaks, at which point installing a heat pump is not an option.

With Adia Thermal, it is. Adia’s technology enables heat pumps installations within 2 days and for less than the cost of a new gas boiler.

Adia’s Technology
During a heat pump installation, we install an Adia hub and flow balancing valves onto the existing central heating system.

Adia measures heat loss room by room, controlling the heat pump and radiators to ensure
maximum comfort and maximum savings.

For installers

Scale your business with 95% faster installs and up to £5,000 savings in cost to customer.

For home owners

Easy room-by-room comfort control and deep insights into your home's energy efficiency.

The Adia Team
Luke Hodgkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Luke brings 13 years of product and leadership experience, covering solar energy systems, fintech and carbon projects. Before Adia, Luke built a profitable clean energy business in Mozambique with over 180 employees. A quintessential generalist, Luke's interests span African history, freediving and music composition.
Sam Duke
Chief Technology Officer

Sam is a full-spectrum engineer, at home with software, electronics, hydronics, and all things DIY from his garden shed.  Sam brings 10 years experience with mobile app and product development. Before Adia, Sam worked at Deepmind and Google, where he delivered life-saving technology to the NHS.
Shaun Kaufmann PhD
Chief Science Officer

Shaun has a PhD in Aerospace and Energy Engineering, and specialises in computational design-space analysis and is an expert in thermal and fluid dynamics. Before Adia, Shaun worked as a machine learning engineer.  
Nikita Smeshko
Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Nikita brings a decade of experience in finance, operations and strategy. He and Luke co-founded the clean energy business in Mozambique together, where Nikita owned operations, logistics and strategy. Before Adia, Nikita co-founded a venture studio based out of  Kenya, investing in clean energy and agtech businesses run by diverse founders.
Hector van Smirren
Full Stack Engineer

Hector has 3 years of experience working across the stack in web development and deep tech R&D.  Hector works all the way from hardware to front-end engineering, and enjoys powerlifting and electronics in his spare time.
Emma O'Donnell
Senior Full Stack Engineer

Emma brings 8 years of dev experience, sarcasm and a hint of gender diversity to the Adia team. Before Adia, Emma was at Twitter until things got dramatic, and then worked in BP's incubator on a fancy workflow engine thing.
Sam Pattuzzi
Senior Full Stack Engineer

Sam studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and has over a decade of industry experience in technology start-ups. Sam brings a passion for learning, curiosity and flexibility to the team.
Emotional Support Associate
Nori brings 6 years of experience providing cuddles across a range of industries and geographies. She is an excellent listener and a strong advocate for more pastries in the office.

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