Adia's mission is to decarbonise the most difficult buildings in the world with AI and smart devices.

Our first product - Adia Thermal - makes any heating system smart, simplifying the installation of heat pumps, and saving homeowners money on their energy bills.

OUR team

Luke Hodgkinson


13 years in product development and leadership. Delivered home energy system used in over 1M homes. Built a profitable clean energy business with 100,000 customers.

Sam Duke


Ex-Deepmind / Google software engineer with 10 years experience in mobile app and product development. Delivered life-saving tech to the NHS.

Shaun Kaufmann, PhD


PhD in Aerospace and Energy Engineering, specialising in computational design-space analysis. ML Engineer by trade.

Nikita Smeshko, CFA


10 years of experience in corporate finance, strategy and operations. Co-founded two successful businesses on the African continent (one with Luke).


Adia is growing (fast)! If you're excited to join a mission-focused startup developing truly innovative solutions, have a look at the roles below. These roles are updated regularly, so check back again in a few weeks if there isn't a good fit right now.